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Hello I’m Maria Edwards.
Product Designer
and founder of Expatmate

Mixing disciplines of design thinking, strategy, research and experience design to craft enriching physical and digital experiences. With a multi-disciplinary background across Service Design, Strategy, User Experience design, Research, User Interface design, Product Delivery. I have engineered on service and interactive user experience design across Finance, FMCG, Retail, Tech, Automotive, Government and Entertainment.

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Day 3# CAMP

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This will take approximately 5mins to read. All views expressed here are my own. The genie is out of the bottle Before arriving in Shanghai I listened to Dr Edward…

Day 2# CAMP

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This will take approximately 15mins to read. All views expressed here are my own. Australia’s Landing Pad Rising for another early start I have breakfast nailed and we jump on...

Day 1# CAMP

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This will take approximately 15mins to read. All views expressed here are my own. Next Tuesday will n-e-v-e-r be the same again. Even before I had begun to rise on...

6 more sleeps until CAMP kickoff in Shanghai

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Such an accelerator rarely exists across continental countries and now it's even more exciting to know we will be doing so with the partnership that the team @CAMP Australia and...

Data driven research

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They call it consumer science at Netflix, the ability to test new ideas with customers at scale and measure for statistically different engagements with the online product. They have set...

Top 10 things I learned from Jack Ma by Andrea Myles

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“ I run Australia’s largest accelerator connecting innovation ecosystems in China and Australia. The human-centred model takes 150 Chinese and Australian participants from strangers to co-founders in the space of...

CAMP Summit 2017 delegate

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There are many experiences and communities I have learnt and collaborated with. One of the most exciting upcoming programmes and conferences combining multiple Think Tanks across 2 global cities is...

Is Google’s new phone an A/B Test?

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It's fascinating as a product designer to see how top tier companies run research or testing. By no means is the google phone a prototype, but in Howard Yu's article you...

Genesis Mentor

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I have been invited by a fellow alumni of TiE entrepreneurship network in Sydney, to mentor current students in the Genesis Innovation Programme as part of the University of Sydney....

Customer needs critical to shipping great products

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Love how the team at Oculus, Caitlin and Stephanie deep dive into the complete product development of Oculus Rift 1. They speak to the heart of great engineering tackling design...