I have been invited by a fellow alumni of TiE entrepreneurship network in Sydney, to mentor current students in the Genesis Innovation Programme as part of the University of Sydney.

It was an opportunity to meet and share experiences through my startup journey and mentor students on the value of the skills and attitude navigating their career. It’s pretty invaluable the exposure and learnings you go through wearing many hats running a startup. I participated with fellow mentors, Ben Nowlan (Co-founder of Sherpa) Cheryl Mack (StartCon Manager, Freelancer.com), Christina Chun (CEO 1Scope.com), Mahesh Muralidhar (People lead, Canva.com) and Maritza Schafer (Founder, IDyME). Hosted by Rebecca Masons (Genesis Tutor and CEO of Timemasons.com) the event raised awareness for developing the networks, aptitude and experience that is needed to thrive after completing their university degrees.

I have expressed a continuous commitment to mentor students I met and look forward to their progress after the Genesis programme. Some have connected via Linkedin and I encourage fellow startup founders and industry professionals to dedicate some time to give back to the innovation community wherever you may be, whether it’s in Sydney or in the global community.

I and the rest of the mentors that participated in Genesis University of Sydney Innovation Programme, do so voluntarily.

Students currently battle between investing their time in education and realising (usually when it’s too late) they require work experience if they are to leave university with employment. A recent ABS Study found that almost 40% of University students were still
unemployed within 6 months of completing their studies. The purpose for the mentoring meetups is to inspire, encourage and motivate University students to develop their practical skills whilst at University so as to increase their chances of landing employment after University.
Mentors are brought together to network, share ideas and create a community of self motivated individuals.

Rebecca MasonGenesis Programme Tutor & CEO of Timemasons.com
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